Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 9 - Again!

First ultrasound today! Take a look. Can you believe it? That's our little blueberry (looking more like a kidney bean, but still super cute). It was absolutely amazing. You could see its little heart beating at 183 beats a minute (ours is around 60/min) and its little body kept jerking back and forth - soon I'll actually be able to feel that movement - Wahoo! So they actually said that I was 8 weeks 4 days, which means I'm half way through my 9th week vs. starting my 10th week. So, I'll have to start writing mid week now to let you all know how the weeks going. Best week so far though! Aaron was with me to see the blueberry miracle and his first thought was "WOW, our baby has a big head!" Ha. If you look closely you can actually see it's little arms (they call them buds) forming. Soooooo cute!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 9

Is that a baby bump I see? I think so...or maybe I'm just really bloated :) ha. Some days I have a baby bump and some days I don' I definitely do. I had my first doctor’s appointment today and have gained 1 lb. How exciting! But even more exciting, they're going to do our first ultrasound on Monday to determine the exact due date and then they'll schedule me for more testing on my 12th week. Aaron and I can not wait to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time and see that little blueberry...although now it's the size of a large green olive (about an inch long). I'm still feeling kind of yucky, slightly nauseous, very tired and still no desire to cook or eat anything in particular (except for pickles...LOVE those), although the sodium isn't good for me OR the baby. So who knows, next week I still may be 9 weeks or maybe I'll be 11...we shall see, but I'll have to write on Monday next week vs. waiting until Friday. Next week is a big week for the Katz family :) Yeah!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 8

Ok, so as wonderful as it is to have our little blueberry miracle, this has got to be the worst week so far. I was slightly nauseas all week, super duper tired, not in the mood to eat anything at all and my emotions finally acted up. I have to tell you that there's no exaggeration when I say I wish I could stay in bed ALL day and that absolutely NOTHING food-wise seems appetizing. I have no desire to cook (which I normally love to do); because nothing sounds good and even going to bed at 9 pm every night doesn't seem to be doing it for me. Hopefully these wonderful pregnancy symptoms will pass soon :) ha. Oh, and that funny story that I mentioned...So on Monday morning I stroll into work, obviously not myself to my friends and co-workers because they automatically ask me what was wrong. I immediately start sobbing because I was tired. Seriously...because I was tired. As tears rolled down my face I sobbed and said how much I wanted to go home and go to bed. Crazy! Other than all of that, everything is wonderful:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding out & the 1st 7 weeks

It's official...Aaron and I are finally going to be parents and I can't begin to tell you how happy both of us are. Friends of mine suggested I start this blog so our friends and family can keep up to date with what's happening with not only baby Katz but growing mommy! yeah. Never did I think I'd be so happy to gain weight (hopefully only 25-30 lbs). ha

Anyways, since it's now the start of the 8th week I'll catch you up on the past 7 (well really only weeks 5, 6 and 7)...

Week 5:

Finding out...Aaron and I couldn't have found out at a more perfect time. We were away on vacation down in Naples FL. We flew down on Sunday evening and found out first thing Monday morning. I figured that since we had been trying it would be wise for us to take a test (just in case) before I started drinking that week even though it was still 4 days early. To our surprise that 2nd pink line appeared, it was a faint line, but it was still there - can you believe it?? We couldn't. While I was in complete shock, Aaron was over-joyed. He gave me a huge hug and told me how happy he was. Needless to say, our trip down to Florida was one of the best vacations EVER! I immediately had to go out and buy the "What to expect..." book to ensure I was doing all the right things. While reading the chapter on the 2nd month we noticed that they call the baby a blueberry (since that's about the size of it on the 7th week). Aaron and I thought that was so cute and during our whole vacation called it "our little blueberry." We of course had to confirm that first test and took another one on Thursday. This time that 2nd pink line appeared dark AND quick! We really are officially going to be a mommy and daddy.

Week 6:

HOLY my "friends" hurt. By my friends I mean those things that are hopefully going to get nice and large. Sorry, was that a little too graphic? The one thing both mom and dad look forward to while pregnant isn't so glamorous at the moment, for both me and Aaron. For me because they're super tender and for Aaron because well, there is no way he's coming near them. Fortunately that is the only symptom I had that week.

Week 7: the nausea begins. Some advice for all those to-be moms out there, don't take your prenatal vitamin in the morning or on an empty stomach. You'd think I'd know better, after all the bottle does say to take them with food. So after a few days of dry heeving while brushing my teeth, or pulling over on the way to work in the morning thinking I was going to vomit I've started taking them at night with dinner. MUCH better. Although I still get a little nauseous in the morning, I consider myself very lucky that I'm not barreling over a toilet every morning or unable to stomach any kind of food. What in the world would I do...I love food way too much.

Week 8 started yesterday and I already have a good story to tell you, but I'll wait until the end of the week to write about it. Maybe they'll be more :)