Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 35

Holy Moly...this is the end of our 8th month, next week we'll be in the home stretch. Yikes. I'll have to start posting some pics of the baby's room so far for you all to see. It's a work in progress, but it'll get there. We need some things on the wall and some curtains, but it's looking very cute. We've actually decided to put up a chair rail and do the bottom portion white as it's looking a little too blue in baby Katz's nursery. And my dad is making a couple pieces for the baby's room, a small side table and a toy box...I can't wait until it's all done :) yeah. So big news...our friends had their baby girl on Monday. Emma Elizabeth, she's absolutely beautiful and such a little peanut. She'll soon have a friend to play with, and only 6 weeks apart or so. Let's see...what else...oh yeah, yesterday was Christmas. Merry Christmas! It was very very nice. We spent the day with my family and all our nieces and was crazy to think that this will be our very last Christmas without baby Katz. Next year we'll be unwrapping gifts with our almost 1 year old son. WOW. Also, on Christmas morning I woke up with another braxton hicks contraction. It was crazy. Aaron couldn't believe how awkward my belly looked and how hard it was. It was pretty uncomfortable for the minute that it lasted and so weird to look at. We have our next doctors appointment on Monday which I'm actually looking forward to. I'm hoping they'll do something more than just check my weight and blood pressure. I want to hear something new!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

week 34

Another week gone on the 40 week countdown. Crazy. So what can I tell you that's new this week. Not too much I guess. Baby has the hiccups as I write this blog entry and is stretching out the entire right side of my stomach. Can you believe that he is about 20" long right now (his full birth length). He'll only grow in weight from here on out, not height. It's absolutely amazing that a 20" long baby can fit inside this stomach right now. It just doesn't seem possible, but I guess that's why I feel him all day long. He must be stretching out constantly. Oh, and I had what I believe to be a braxton hicks contraction the other day. My stomach got soooooo tight. It was like someone was wrapping my belly in saran wrap. Not painful, just uncomfortable and it only lasted a couple minutes. And tonight I sit here...just me, the baby and Herbie in this treacherous snow storm. We're going to watch some type of holiday movie once I'm done typing, so I guess I better hurry up. Herbie is patiently waiting :) man, he's so cute. Oh, and that's why I'm in my PJ's taking pictures of my belly by myself. Something else you may all like (or maybe not) to know is that I have that dark line on my belly that some woman get when pregnant. It's not super dark, but it's there!!! Kinda strange. Our next doctors appointment isn't until the 29th. I'm kind of excited for it as I'm tired of simply getting weighed and my blood pressure taken. I really want them to do something else. Tell me something that I don't already know. Anyways, until next week...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 33

Well, not too much to say this week. Mom, dad and baby are all still doing and feeling well. We had our 33 week check up this week. Everything went the doctor says. I have to tell you...the doctors at my practice are soooooo impersonal and are NOT giving me the attention I want our baby to have. I'm in and out (once they actually see me) in literally 4 minutes. A quick belly check, heart rate check and Q&A session if I have any. I know I should be greatful that everything is great and I'm in and out so quickly, but they're not even telling me what my belly is measuring or what the baby's heart rate is...just that it's looking great. ugh. So anyways...don't anyone get concerned (my doctor isn't in the least), but I only gained 2 lbs since my last visit 5 weeks ago....which are the 2 lbs our baby actually gained. I've gained 14 lbs to date. Let me tell you...I was VERY concerned when I got on the scale, but my doctor says we're doing just fine and that I should consider myself lucky and keep up the good work. I guess so right???? It made me feel a little better that she actually said my belly itself is measuring 1 cm large, so she wouldn't be surprised if we actually had an 8 lb/9lb baby. She said we're ALL baby in there and that's partially the reason I feel EVERY SINGLE little movement the baby makes. He goes crazy in there sometimes. It's actually uncomfortable at times, but still absolutely amazing. So anyways...things are going very well in the Katz household. We're looking forward to the holidays, seeing our friends and family and relaxing on our days off as much as possible. After the new year baby Katz could technically make his appearance at any time :) ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week 32

Oh my goodness, is my bladder out of control or what. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think I pee about 15-20x a day and 3 of them being during the midnight hours :( so obnoxious. And every time I cough, sneeze or laugh really hard I get super nervous that I'm just going to let it all go :) haha...I'm sure some of you just looooved that one! So only about 8 weeks left...can you believe it. After the holidays are gone it's really going to be right around the corner. Aaron and I are busy trying to get the baby's room organized along with trying to get our house baby ready...well actually people ready I guess. It's still slightly empty looking, but really getting there. We have our furniture in, we just need to get all the little odds and ends that really make it feel lived in. But quite honestly I'm really lagging on all that stuff and am totally ok with it. I'd much rather come home after work and relax vs. going out shopping after work for Christmas or house stuff. ugh. Well...enough about the house, more about the baby. He's still moving around like crazy. He's a little out of control I must say. His little feet and maybe hands keep getting lodged into my rib cage. It is sooooo uncomfortable. And the time of day when he's the most active is right around when I head to bed and about 4 am in the morning :( Please tell me that's not a sign as to what his schedule is going to be like when he makes his appearance?? Anyways...things are going great. We have our 33 week appointment next Thursday. We'll let you all know how that goes. Until next week...

Friday, November 28, 2008

31 weeks

OMG...we are ending week 31 and starting month 8 next week. I can't believe that in 2 months Aaron and I will have a teeny tiny person to take care of. How crazy is that? To think that Aaron and I will be responsible for the care of a 2 day old baby come February is simply insane to me. WOW!!! Any who...guess I better get used to the thought. It'll be here before we know it. So this week was a big one. This past Saturday was my baby shower, which was wonderful. Not only did we get a ton of great gifts for the baby, but it was SO GOOD to see everyone there. It had been a long time since I had seen many of my girlfriends, and the day just seemed to fly by way too quickly. Thank you all that were able to make it, Aaron and I really appreciate it! So let's see...what else? Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving and boy to Aaron and I have a lot to be thankful for...little baby Katz on the way and of course our beautiful new home. I kept thinking during dinner yesterday..."this is going to be the last thanksgiving dinner that I'm not worried about what our little one is doing." A scary, but wonderful feeling. So as you can see by my picture this week, I'm definitely getting bigger. Maybe still just in the belly, but definitely bigger. And don't worry about that small bruise on the side of my hip. I took a slight spill into my counter the other day. It completely caught me by surprise and I immediately started crying. It really didn't hurt THAT bad, but I think I was more scared than anything. Oh, and I think the baby has had the hiccups every single day since he started getting them and he's still moving around in there like a little gymnast. I was worried for a couple days there because he wasn't moving around as much as normal, but those days have passed. He's up to his old tricks :) ha ha. Well...until next week. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 30

Lots going on this week! Last weekend was our birthing class, which was VERY informative. Not as graphic as I thought it might be, but probably more than Aaron thought :) haha! The labor nurse teaching the class went from signs of labor to postpartum (after the delivery) and bringing the baby home. She showed us 3 birthing videos and 1 csection video in which I cried like a baby each and every time the nurse brought the baby over to lay on the moms chest. Aaron learned ways in which he can help me through the laboring process, massage me and basically wait on me hand and foot :) We took the class with friends of ours, Liz and Kevin, which completely made the class all that much more fun. Then...for the first time this week the baby had the hiccups. 4x in 2 days! crazy. It ws so cute though. And what do I have today? MY SHOWER!!!!! Yeah. I'm so excited to see everyone there. There are going to be some people I haven't seen in over a year. And then next week we have our tour of the maternity unit in the hospital. It's all seeming very real now. ahhhhhh...Aaron and I are both very excited to start making the baby's room look like a real nursery. Right now it just kind of looks like a storage area with all the stuff laying around.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Week 29

Baby Katz and Mommy are doing great! I'm having indigestion and heart burn less and less, which is great. It was just figuring out what foods triggered it and staying away from them. It seems to be tomato based foods, coffee and chocolate. I'm also starting to sleep a little better. It's just figuring out what works for you I guess. So right now I'm sleeping with a pillow behind my back and under my belly/in between my legs. I tend to roll slightly on my back at night just leaning up against the pillow, but I gotta tell you...I don't think the baby likes that too much. He moves around like crazy when I'm anywhere near being on my back. Also, my bladder won't quit. I get up 3x a night to go to the bathroom and go all day at work it seems. It's so strange, but it'll come on all of a sudden...however, I think that's just the baby moving around in there and ending up pushing against my bladder. So the baby book says that little baby Katz could be as tall as 17 inches this week and up to 3 lbs. Amazing! Have I told you all what name we're thinking? Well right now the only name we can agree on is Dylan. Dylan what? We're not sure. We like Dylan Murphy, Dylan William, Dylan Michael, maybe even Dylan Aaron? We really have no idea. So Aaron is very very excited...wanna know why? Because we have birthing class this weekend :) Ha! Actually he is kind of looking forward to it, but I don't think he has any clue how graphic it's going to be. I already feel like it's right around the corner, but this is going to bring the reality of just how close we are to welcoming baby Katz into the world :) yeah!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 28

Well I am officially in my 3rd trimester (7th month)! Crazy huh. I can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those pregnant mommies that say “just get this baby out of me.” I think it’s coming way too quick and to be quite honest with you all…I’m started to get a wee bit scared, OK a lot scared. Mainly of the actual labor and delivery. Anyways, we had our 28 week doctor’s appointment in which everything went very well. I had to drink the glucose drink to test for gestational diabetes…that came back negative, however my iron level was a bit low. Haven’t heard whether or not I need to do anything about that yet or not. Mom and baby are measuring just right and mommy has gained 12 lbs to date. Doctor says I’m right on target, so don’t anyone worry about only gaining 12 lbs so far. Baby’s heart rate was 128, which is normal, my blood pressure was normal and I got the flu shot, OH and Aaron got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. So sweet. So I guess that’s it for now…until next week…

Friday, October 31, 2008

Week 27

Anyone ever have indigestion? Well I hadn't until now. That's why I had no idea what it was until someone at work said (after me explaining to them that I want to vomit everynight when I lay down) that I may have indigestion. Apparently the tomato based foods that I'm eating aren't agreeing with me right now :( SO sad about that, since I mainly make foods that have crushed tomatos in them or pasta sauce or something. But that horrible feeling in my stomache/throat was keeping me up at night. And not only tomato based stuff, but coffee has been doing it to. Not sure what other foods won't agree with me, but I'll let you know. Also...not sure if those pains I mentioned I was having in my chest are actually heartburn? I have also never had heartburn before but people at work are saying maybe that's what that is? Who knows? All I know, is it is super duper uncomfortable and I hate it. I'm also not sleeping very well lately. Over the past week it just continues to get worse and worse. My hips are absolutely killing me. Not being able to sleep on your stomache or back is the pits. I'm trying a bunch of different pillow methods so pray for me that I'll find something that works. I really need to get my sleep at night. It's draining me and stressing me out. OK enough of all the bad about some good news? Well look at the picture...isn't the baby bump getting even cuter? I gotta tell you...this baby can move. He kicks and squirms ALL day and night long. Aaron noticed my belly lopsided last night. It was so cute. I think his bum (not Aaron's) was completely pushed out to one side - maybe it was his head. That's not the first time that's happened, but the first time Aaron has actually seen it. Too cute. Well, we have our follow up doctors appt next week on Wednesday. That's where I have to do the sugar/diabetes test, get weighed again, probably will get the flu shot and hopefully get a lot of questions answered by my doctor. I'll fill you all in next week on what she has to say! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 26

Next time you're browsing through the meat department, pick up a 2 lb chuck roast. No, not for dinner, but to see just how big baby Katz is this week :) ha. That's how week 26 starts out in our "what to expect" book. Can you believe baby Katz is roughly 2 lbs this week and roughly 14" head to toe? I'm still not really sure just how this baby is fitting in my belly, but I'm sure he's nice and snug in there. He's still moving around like crazy in there and definitely getting stronger. Those little punches and kicks are harder on mommy and I can actually see my belly move a little. I did end up going out last weekend and buying a few more maternity things, but still need a few more. And not sure if I mentioned it last week, but I am noticing myself getting more tired lately. Aaron and I are always busy and on the go, I actually forget sometimes that I'm pregnant and need to relax and take it easy. But good news...our baby furniture (crib and dresser) are being delivered tomorrow and set up! Yeah. Now I just need the bedding to start pulling the room together. If any of you are following my registry. You'll notice I had to register for a different bedding set, but I like it just as much. Take a
Well...nothing much else is new this week! Until next week...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 25

It's groooowwwing....and I officially wore my first pair of "maternity" pants this week. Good stuff! Those things are comfortable. I'm still holding onto a lot of my regular pants and using the belly band though, but I do really need to go out and buy myself some maternity clothes. It's slim pickings lately. So not too much new since last week. We started washing and hanging some of the baby's clothing we received from family and friends. I can't get over how small some of those little onsies are! Unbelievable. Our baby furniture came in too! Yeah. Oh, one quick note...we cancelled the baby bedding that we registered for at Restoration Hardware. They discontinued one of the pieces so now I have to find a new one :( what a bummer. I'll keep you all posted as to where we register for our bedding. OH, actually, there are a couple new things to tell you all. My girlfriend who's also pregnant and I started prenatal yoga this week. We figured it would be a nice thing to do together and get our body stretching in the ways it needs to...haha. Aaron and I also signed up for a birthing class that we'll be taking in November. I'm actually very excited about it. I think it'll be a good reality for Aaron and I in terms of what the labor and delivery will be like. I feel like it's just around the corner and it's starting to freak me out. The only other thing I can tell you this week is that I'm starting to get these really uncomfortable pains in my belly button. I t feels like baby Katz is trying to poke through with a sharp pencil - OUCH!!! It lasts for about 15 minutes and then goes away. I'm also having a ton of pressure in my lower belly. Who knows...maybe it's the baby sitting on my bladder, but man it's a strange feeling. And the last thing I can tell you is that we've started looking into daycare and man oh man is it expensive. Absolutely unbelievable. We are taking a tour of 1 place next week and have a few more that we want to check out. Soooooo much to do before that little one arrives, but it's all good/fun stuff. Check back next week. I'll probably be twice as big as this week!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 23 & 24

I can not believe we're in our 6th month and ending week 24. Time is going by way too fast :( So as you can see, my belly is growing, maybe not quite as fast as it should be, but the doctor's don't seem worried. I will most likely be clothes shopping this weekend since the clothes fitting me these days are few and far between. Wearing the same pants all the time just doesn't seem right OR sanitary! ha. So Jamaica was fun. VERY relaxing - just what I needed. I wish I could have posted a picture or two from there but our camera broke on the 2nd day and I haven't received the pictures yet from my sister. I'll post one next week. It's cute - Aaron's in it too. And I swear, I WAS tan, but it's fading very fast. So let's see...what is new with baby Katz...well the book says he's outgrown the fruit stage and now get's measured in inches, so he's just over a foot long and weighs about 1.5 lbs! Aaron and I met with the fetal medicine specialist this morning. My OB wanted to triple check with him that I didn't need to take any precautions throughout the rest of the pregnancy. To be on the safe side and because it won't harm the baby he's putting me back on aspirin (a baby aspirin), once a day up until 36 weeks in case I go early and then immediately following the birth. Throughout pregnancy and right after is when it's common for woman (especially in my case) to develop blood clots, so he wants to reduce that risk with the aspirin. :( booooo. Otherwise, we're doing great and feeling great. Except for the chest pain I get at night. I think it's the weight of my growing breasts (not really that big though) that press together my ribs or something while laying on my side. It's really painful, but goes away as soon as I lay on my back...which is something I'm not supposed to do. My hips hurt too from having to lay on my side all night, but I'm ok with that...little baby Katz is too damn cute to care. Well...that's it for now. Miss you all!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 22

Don't make fun...these are my bum around pants that Aaron consistently makes fun of. Oh well, I didn't have time to take the image at work before we left for Jamaica!!! Yahoo. So as you can see, baby Katz is growing more and more every week. The doctor said both mom and baby are doing very well and growing at the perfect rate. I've gained 7.5 lbs so far...that WILL NOT last forever. I know I'm to gain about a lb a week in the 3rd trimester and with Jamaica coming up, not being able to drink but eat all I want at an all inclusive resort - YIKES! We're feeling great these days. I'm actually getting more and more hungry during the day lately, but I think that's normal. But if people at work keep stealing my lunch some serious issues are going to arise...haha...but really, 3 times over the past 2 weeks someone has either taken my entire lunch or parts of my lunch. Who would do that? The baby is kicking/moving more and more everyday. Aaron loves to feel it each and every time, which is just so damn cute. But I have to tell's kind of getting a little uncomfortable. The baby sometimes is so low that I swear he's going to make an early appearance - very scary thought. But the doctor said that's normal that he's so low at times. Anyways, things are going great. We've almost finished registering...just need to add a few last things at Babies R Us and determine exactly which stroller we want. But for those of you that are interested we are registered at for the majority, for my diaper bag - which will really end up being my everyday bag/pocketbook and which is restoration hardware for the baby's bedding. I've gotten some stuff at work already and expect to get a bit more, but if some of you moms see something missing that I may need, please let me know. So that's it. I'll write again in 2 weeks and the picture of mom and baby will hopefully be a nice tan one :) Miss you all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 21

Week 21 is going great. I'm still feeling good, but am starting to find sleeping a big uncomfortable. Having to sleep on my sides just isn't as comfortable as it used to be...especially with Herbie still wanting to cuddle in. But how can I resist, he's so damn cute. So I was starting to have really bad chest pains during the night that lasted through mid morning each day. I tried sleeping with a built in bra tank top, and surprise surprise, but it actually helped releive those pains. What else??? OH, the baby is kicking/rolling around more and more everyday. It is such a bizarre, but cool/wonderful feeling. My belly is growing more and more everyday. You may not be able to tell by the image, but I feel like I've doubled in size since last week (which I'm totally ok with). So strange! What else can I tell you...well, we started our registry last week. Hopefully we'll be able to finalize that within the next week or so. I'll let you all know where we registered once it's final. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Well, until next week...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 19 & 20

I can't believe we're already half way through the pregnancy! Time really flies by when you're having fun :) ha. So as you can see little baby boy Katz is stretching mommy's belly, how cute or scary or strange. And don't poke fun...I felt so silly having someone take this picture...and no, it wasn't Aaron, it was actually a co-worker of mine. Anyways, Aaron, the baby and I are doing great. We're all moved into the house and it's looking gooooood. So much less stressful when you have the help of friends and family. Things went very smoothly and we're slowly unpacking. The house is a bit empty, but we'll fill it in in due time. We also ordered the baby's furniture, so that's super exciting. Now time to start registering. If any of you moms out there have any suggestions on what are MUST have items and what we really don't need, feel free to send along that information. But all in all, I feel GREAT - really...and our next doctor's appt is in 2 weeks! OH, and we are 100% feeling that baby move. Even Aaron felt it. It's still nothing crazy, but it's pretty amazing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 17 & 18

Yahoo! Another ultrasound and finding out the baby's sex - what a day :) See if you can guess by looking at the pictures...the nurse even pointed to our baby's "good stuff" with a little arrow for you - ha! It's hard to tell, but that's the bum and leg AND yup, you got's a boy!!! She asked us to take a stab at it and there was no mistaken...I could totally tell it was a boy. We are so excited, Aaron especially. What an amazing feeling it is to know what you have growing inside your belly. Now we can really start finalizing his room, start our registry, buy cute baby boy clothes and call my belly by a name! How cute. So week 17 and 18 have been great. I feel great and am starting to feel some awkward little flutters/movement more and more. Maybe it really is just gas (that may have been too much information), but I don't think so. I promise I'll start uploading images of my growing belly shortly. Those may not be as cute as the ultrasound pictures but at least you can all get a good laugh! haha!! And for those of you that don't know...since I'm not sure I even mentioned it, the due date is February 3rd! And even more exciting news...we move into our new house this coming week. Finally, things are starting to come together and the stress is slowly lifting. Enjoy the photos - we did!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 15 & 16

Wow I'm slacking. I completely thought I wrote last week? What is wrong with me? OH yeah...the baby is screwing with not only my hormones but my memory too :) ha. So week 15 and 16 have come and gone and we're now in week 17. I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. Before you know it, it will be the dead of winter and Aaron will be driving me to the emergency room - scary, but an exciting thought. So our doctor's appt went well last week. We had some blood drawn, got weighed (still only have gained 3.5 lbs - who would have thought) and the other good/boring stuff. HOWEVER, guess what? We find out the sex next week, next Thursday the 28th. We can not wait! Finally, we can start putting together the nursery, pick out the furniture, bedding, start registering, etc. PLUS, we closed on our new house last Friday, the 15th and move into the house labor day weekend I think. Soooooooo much going on with us, even I can't keep up. But there is some more pregnancy stuff that I'm little flutters in my tummy (which is the baby moving I'm told) and some very strange motion feelings (like as if I'm on an elevator, or escalator or swaying)...soooo strange. I really do not like that feeling, and am not sure that's even normal? Aaron and I are also starting to look into some prenatal classes, like infant CPR and birthing preparation classes - any of you moms/dads out there have any recommendations? So, next week will be a big week, maybe I'll save week 17 and write 17 and 18 at the same time - another ultrasound picture and baby sex news! Yippee!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Week 14

Well, I'm actually in week 15 now, but I've just been beat this week and not feeling well, so I've been slacking a bit. Last week was a rough week. Most of you know this, but Aaron and I moved out of our Framingham house (sold it) and into a hotel for the month of August until we close on the new one. It was a very hectic, stressful and tiring day to say the least. So much so that I broke down at work the next day. I don't know why I thought I'd be able to handle going to work the next day after having the day I had and going to bed at midnight the night before, but let me tell you, it was not pretty. I started crying about 7:30 right before getting to work and kept crying when I got there until about 10 when I left to go work from home the rest of the day. I think my body was literally just so exhausted and beat that I just let it all go. However, living at the hotel isn't so bad, except for the fact that Herbie isn't really loving it, but it's definitely a nice temporary home. And then on Wednesday this week I really started to not feel well. It started with a really bad sore throat (still getting worse and losing my voice at the same time), but has now moved to my head, sinuses and I'm now breaking a bit of a fever. Sooo, mommy and baby plan on resting it up this weekend and hopefully going to get better. Little blueberry needs mommy to be well :) We'll write again next week after our Thursday doctor's appointment. Nothing fun (I don't think anyways), but I'll let you all know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 13

Look at how cute! Aren't they unbelievable? Baby Katz has little legs, arms, toes and fingers - I love it. You should have seen baby Katz during the ultrasound - he/she was doing somersault after somersault. I'm amazed I can't feel it. The heartbeat is at 156 beats a minute and to date baby Katz is weighing in at only 2.5" long. It was so could actually see the mouth opening and closing (like Pac man)! Ha. Everything as of this week looks normal with both me and the baby. Mommy Katz is only weighing in with a weight gain of 2.2 lbs - trust me though...that will be changing soon. I can already tell...this baby wants more room and a wee bit more comfortable clothing from Mommy :) Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we did. We can't even imagine how much further along baby Katz will be at the next one (around 20 weeks) - but we are SOOOO excited to find out. Love and miss you all,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 12

Week 12 has come to a close and I'm just starting my 13th week. WOW, how time is flying. We are so excited to go to the doctors tomorrow - when would you ever expect to say that? We have another ultrasound tomorrow, so we'll be able to see just how big our little blueberry is getting. I'll be sure to post baby Katz's picture on Monday for you all to see. So week 12 was a good one - I felt great all week and I'm noticing that I'm not as tired (I do say "as tired" loosely). I'm expecting each and every week to just get better and better. However, I definitely have that baby bump I was telling you about. It's very cute - small, but noticeable! Some days it's bigger than others, but I guess that could be partially because of the bloating right? Although, our little blueberry IS already 2.5" long and the size of a large plum :) So, many of you already know this but I have say how excited I am to be pregnant with 3 of my very close friends. Aaron and I are due Feb 3rd (technically Feb 7th), one of my girlfriends is due 2 weeks before me and the other 2 are due at the same time 7 weeks before me. Soooooooo exciting. And even more exciting...tomorrow we'll make our next doctor's appointment in which we'll be to find out the sex of little blueberry!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 11

Gum anyone? Yuck, I really really wish I could chew gum all day, everyday right now. I was so used to chewing my Trident sugar free gum before I got pregnant, and now I technically shouldn't have it (or at least am supposed to really limit it). Anyone have any suggestions? The taste I have in my mouth is god awful and regular bubble gum loses its flavor after about 1 minute and makes my teeth all grimy. Anyways, hopefully it goes away soon. Aaron is a trooper right now - trust me! I've also been getting severe headaches all week, which is not good but leads me to a funny story. My headache was so bad yesterday morning that I had to stop and get a small ice coffee (regular) to help relieve some of the pain. So today I go to grab some change to get a snack in our company vending machine and what do you know, no money. I gave the woman at the drive through a $20 and drove away. What the heck! I figured it was worth a shot to call and see if they had my change, and to my surprise THEY DID! Nice huh. And then on Monday, I was soooooo tired from the weekend and had a super headache at work that I actually took a nap in my car during my lunch break. Yup, I was the crazy lady sleeping in her car at work. And not only was I sleeping, but I was curled up in the back seat using Herbie's blanket for a pillow. So, little blueberry Katz may not be kicking my butt in the sickness/throw up department, but he/she is wearing me out. Aaron and I have another appointment next week where we'll get another ultrasound done. Yippee! And we're starting week 12 tomorrow - our little blueberry has grown into a large plum.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 10

Well...we're nearing the end of week 10 and the only new symptoms/feelings I've had this past week are more emotional than anything. I'm still super tired, not feeling the desire for anything in particular (except for pickles, lemonade and now I really want some apple pie), but I've recently had sad feelings :( I know, sad huh. This is such an amazing time in our life and this is what Aaron and I have wanted for so long, but I'm now beginning to have feelings that I'm not going to be a good mommy, are we ready for this, etc, etc. From what I've read and heard from others this is totally normal, but how sad huh. It could have to do with all that we have going on in our lives right now...selling our current house, buying a new (more expensive - which is overwhelming) house and having a baby!!!! ahhhhhh...But, overall, I'm feeling great. I'm grateful I'm not super sick, and I've only gained 1.5 lbs, so that little tummy I see can't be that big :) ha. other thing I'm noticing is that I'm breaking out much more now. I know, just what you wanted to know. But aren't I supposed to be "glowing" and having other great side effects (like soft hair, strong, fast growing nails)? I am however getting bigger "friends" so that's a nice benefit :) I guess I'll take the good with the bad...!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 9 - Again!

First ultrasound today! Take a look. Can you believe it? That's our little blueberry (looking more like a kidney bean, but still super cute). It was absolutely amazing. You could see its little heart beating at 183 beats a minute (ours is around 60/min) and its little body kept jerking back and forth - soon I'll actually be able to feel that movement - Wahoo! So they actually said that I was 8 weeks 4 days, which means I'm half way through my 9th week vs. starting my 10th week. So, I'll have to start writing mid week now to let you all know how the weeks going. Best week so far though! Aaron was with me to see the blueberry miracle and his first thought was "WOW, our baby has a big head!" Ha. If you look closely you can actually see it's little arms (they call them buds) forming. Soooooo cute!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 9

Is that a baby bump I see? I think so...or maybe I'm just really bloated :) ha. Some days I have a baby bump and some days I don' I definitely do. I had my first doctor’s appointment today and have gained 1 lb. How exciting! But even more exciting, they're going to do our first ultrasound on Monday to determine the exact due date and then they'll schedule me for more testing on my 12th week. Aaron and I can not wait to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time and see that little blueberry...although now it's the size of a large green olive (about an inch long). I'm still feeling kind of yucky, slightly nauseous, very tired and still no desire to cook or eat anything in particular (except for pickles...LOVE those), although the sodium isn't good for me OR the baby. So who knows, next week I still may be 9 weeks or maybe I'll be 11...we shall see, but I'll have to write on Monday next week vs. waiting until Friday. Next week is a big week for the Katz family :) Yeah!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 8

Ok, so as wonderful as it is to have our little blueberry miracle, this has got to be the worst week so far. I was slightly nauseas all week, super duper tired, not in the mood to eat anything at all and my emotions finally acted up. I have to tell you that there's no exaggeration when I say I wish I could stay in bed ALL day and that absolutely NOTHING food-wise seems appetizing. I have no desire to cook (which I normally love to do); because nothing sounds good and even going to bed at 9 pm every night doesn't seem to be doing it for me. Hopefully these wonderful pregnancy symptoms will pass soon :) ha. Oh, and that funny story that I mentioned...So on Monday morning I stroll into work, obviously not myself to my friends and co-workers because they automatically ask me what was wrong. I immediately start sobbing because I was tired. Seriously...because I was tired. As tears rolled down my face I sobbed and said how much I wanted to go home and go to bed. Crazy! Other than all of that, everything is wonderful:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding out & the 1st 7 weeks

It's official...Aaron and I are finally going to be parents and I can't begin to tell you how happy both of us are. Friends of mine suggested I start this blog so our friends and family can keep up to date with what's happening with not only baby Katz but growing mommy! yeah. Never did I think I'd be so happy to gain weight (hopefully only 25-30 lbs). ha

Anyways, since it's now the start of the 8th week I'll catch you up on the past 7 (well really only weeks 5, 6 and 7)...

Week 5:

Finding out...Aaron and I couldn't have found out at a more perfect time. We were away on vacation down in Naples FL. We flew down on Sunday evening and found out first thing Monday morning. I figured that since we had been trying it would be wise for us to take a test (just in case) before I started drinking that week even though it was still 4 days early. To our surprise that 2nd pink line appeared, it was a faint line, but it was still there - can you believe it?? We couldn't. While I was in complete shock, Aaron was over-joyed. He gave me a huge hug and told me how happy he was. Needless to say, our trip down to Florida was one of the best vacations EVER! I immediately had to go out and buy the "What to expect..." book to ensure I was doing all the right things. While reading the chapter on the 2nd month we noticed that they call the baby a blueberry (since that's about the size of it on the 7th week). Aaron and I thought that was so cute and during our whole vacation called it "our little blueberry." We of course had to confirm that first test and took another one on Thursday. This time that 2nd pink line appeared dark AND quick! We really are officially going to be a mommy and daddy.

Week 6:

HOLY my "friends" hurt. By my friends I mean those things that are hopefully going to get nice and large. Sorry, was that a little too graphic? The one thing both mom and dad look forward to while pregnant isn't so glamorous at the moment, for both me and Aaron. For me because they're super tender and for Aaron because well, there is no way he's coming near them. Fortunately that is the only symptom I had that week.

Week 7: the nausea begins. Some advice for all those to-be moms out there, don't take your prenatal vitamin in the morning or on an empty stomach. You'd think I'd know better, after all the bottle does say to take them with food. So after a few days of dry heeving while brushing my teeth, or pulling over on the way to work in the morning thinking I was going to vomit I've started taking them at night with dinner. MUCH better. Although I still get a little nauseous in the morning, I consider myself very lucky that I'm not barreling over a toilet every morning or unable to stomach any kind of food. What in the world would I do...I love food way too much.

Week 8 started yesterday and I already have a good story to tell you, but I'll wait until the end of the week to write about it. Maybe they'll be more :)