Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 17 & 18

Yahoo! Another ultrasound and finding out the baby's sex - what a day :) See if you can guess by looking at the pictures...the nurse even pointed to our baby's "good stuff" with a little arrow for you - ha! It's hard to tell, but that's the bum and leg AND yup, you got's a boy!!! She asked us to take a stab at it and there was no mistaken...I could totally tell it was a boy. We are so excited, Aaron especially. What an amazing feeling it is to know what you have growing inside your belly. Now we can really start finalizing his room, start our registry, buy cute baby boy clothes and call my belly by a name! How cute. So week 17 and 18 have been great. I feel great and am starting to feel some awkward little flutters/movement more and more. Maybe it really is just gas (that may have been too much information), but I don't think so. I promise I'll start uploading images of my growing belly shortly. Those may not be as cute as the ultrasound pictures but at least you can all get a good laugh! haha!! And for those of you that don't know...since I'm not sure I even mentioned it, the due date is February 3rd! And even more exciting news...we move into our new house this coming week. Finally, things are starting to come together and the stress is slowly lifting. Enjoy the photos - we did!


pat said...

so-o-o-o-o excited to know our little blueberry is a BOY!!!!! The Katz name will continue!!!! Our "first" grandson(I expect many more from you guys!!!)!!!! Glad you are feeling are going into the time of your pregnancy that is the most enjoyable...when you feel can feel your "son" moving but you are not too HUGE...yet!!!! do NOT....I NOT work too hard moving. Take your time unpacking and most of all take care of our baby boy Katz!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

Auntie Karin said...

Amazing the anyone can tell anything by those ultra sounds. What is the magnification level on those photos, anyway! Next time we see the little guy will be in person. With all the male grandbabies in the Murphy clan, you should be able to save tons on baby clothes. I'll bet some of the "hand-me-downs" will still have the tags on them. See you soon.