Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 13

Look at how cute! Aren't they unbelievable? Baby Katz has little legs, arms, toes and fingers - I love it. You should have seen baby Katz during the ultrasound - he/she was doing somersault after somersault. I'm amazed I can't feel it. The heartbeat is at 156 beats a minute and to date baby Katz is weighing in at only 2.5" long. It was so funny...you could actually see the mouth opening and closing (like Pac man)! Ha. Everything as of this week looks normal with both me and the baby. Mommy Katz is only weighing in with a weight gain of 2.2 lbs - trust me though...that will be changing soon. I can already tell...this baby wants more room and a wee bit more comfortable clothing from Mommy :) Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we did. We can't even imagine how much further along baby Katz will be at the next one (around 20 weeks) - but we are SOOOO excited to find out. Love and miss you all,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 12

Week 12 has come to a close and I'm just starting my 13th week. WOW, how time is flying. We are so excited to go to the doctors tomorrow - when would you ever expect to say that? We have another ultrasound tomorrow, so we'll be able to see just how big our little blueberry is getting. I'll be sure to post baby Katz's picture on Monday for you all to see. So week 12 was a good one - I felt great all week and I'm noticing that I'm not as tired (I do say "as tired" loosely). I'm expecting each and every week to just get better and better. However, I definitely have that baby bump I was telling you about. It's very cute - small, but noticeable! Some days it's bigger than others, but I guess that could be partially because of the bloating right? Although, our little blueberry IS already 2.5" long and the size of a large plum :) So, many of you already know this but I have say how excited I am to be pregnant with 3 of my very close friends. Aaron and I are due Feb 3rd (technically Feb 7th), one of my girlfriends is due 2 weeks before me and the other 2 are due at the same time 7 weeks before me. Soooooooo exciting. And even more exciting...tomorrow we'll make our next doctor's appointment in which we'll be to find out the sex of little blueberry!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 11

Gum anyone? Yuck, I really really wish I could chew gum all day, everyday right now. I was so used to chewing my Trident sugar free gum before I got pregnant, and now I technically shouldn't have it (or at least am supposed to really limit it). Anyone have any suggestions? The taste I have in my mouth is god awful and regular bubble gum loses its flavor after about 1 minute and makes my teeth all grimy. Anyways, hopefully it goes away soon. Aaron is a trooper right now - trust me! I've also been getting severe headaches all week, which is not good but leads me to a funny story. My headache was so bad yesterday morning that I had to stop and get a small ice coffee (regular) to help relieve some of the pain. So today I go to grab some change to get a snack in our company vending machine and what do you know, no money. I gave the woman at the drive through a $20 and drove away. What the heck! I figured it was worth a shot to call and see if they had my change, and to my surprise THEY DID! Nice huh. And then on Monday, I was soooooo tired from the weekend and had a super headache at work that I actually took a nap in my car during my lunch break. Yup, I was the crazy lady sleeping in her car at work. And not only was I sleeping, but I was curled up in the back seat using Herbie's blanket for a pillow. So, little blueberry Katz may not be kicking my butt in the sickness/throw up department, but he/she is wearing me out. Aaron and I have another appointment next week where we'll get another ultrasound done. Yippee! And we're starting week 12 tomorrow - our little blueberry has grown into a large plum.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 10

Well...we're nearing the end of week 10 and the only new symptoms/feelings I've had this past week are more emotional than anything. I'm still super tired, not feeling the desire for anything in particular (except for pickles, lemonade and now I really want some apple pie), but I've recently had sad feelings :( I know, sad huh. This is such an amazing time in our life and this is what Aaron and I have wanted for so long, but I'm now beginning to have feelings that I'm not going to be a good mommy, are we ready for this, etc, etc. From what I've read and heard from others this is totally normal, but how sad huh. It could have to do with all that we have going on in our lives right now...selling our current house, buying a new (more expensive - which is overwhelming) house and having a baby!!!! ahhhhhh...But, overall, I'm feeling great. I'm grateful I'm not super sick, and I've only gained 1.5 lbs, so that little tummy I see can't be that big :) ha. Actually...one other thing I'm noticing is that I'm breaking out much more now. I know, just what you wanted to know. But aren't I supposed to be "glowing" and having other great side effects (like soft hair, strong, fast growing nails)? I am however getting bigger "friends" so that's a nice benefit :) I guess I'll take the good with the bad...!!!!