Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 13

Look at how cute! Aren't they unbelievable? Baby Katz has little legs, arms, toes and fingers - I love it. You should have seen baby Katz during the ultrasound - he/she was doing somersault after somersault. I'm amazed I can't feel it. The heartbeat is at 156 beats a minute and to date baby Katz is weighing in at only 2.5" long. It was so funny...you could actually see the mouth opening and closing (like Pac man)! Ha. Everything as of this week looks normal with both me and the baby. Mommy Katz is only weighing in with a weight gain of 2.2 lbs - trust me though...that will be changing soon. I can already tell...this baby wants more room and a wee bit more comfortable clothing from Mommy :) Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we did. We can't even imagine how much further along baby Katz will be at the next one (around 20 weeks) - but we are SOOOO excited to find out. Love and miss you all,

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pat said...

thanks for sharing your pictures of our new little baby...so precious!!!! Glad youa re feeelinga little better