Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 11

Gum anyone? Yuck, I really really wish I could chew gum all day, everyday right now. I was so used to chewing my Trident sugar free gum before I got pregnant, and now I technically shouldn't have it (or at least am supposed to really limit it). Anyone have any suggestions? The taste I have in my mouth is god awful and regular bubble gum loses its flavor after about 1 minute and makes my teeth all grimy. Anyways, hopefully it goes away soon. Aaron is a trooper right now - trust me! I've also been getting severe headaches all week, which is not good but leads me to a funny story. My headache was so bad yesterday morning that I had to stop and get a small ice coffee (regular) to help relieve some of the pain. So today I go to grab some change to get a snack in our company vending machine and what do you know, no money. I gave the woman at the drive through a $20 and drove away. What the heck! I figured it was worth a shot to call and see if they had my change, and to my surprise THEY DID! Nice huh. And then on Monday, I was soooooo tired from the weekend and had a super headache at work that I actually took a nap in my car during my lunch break. Yup, I was the crazy lady sleeping in her car at work. And not only was I sleeping, but I was curled up in the back seat using Herbie's blanket for a pillow. So, little blueberry Katz may not be kicking my butt in the sickness/throw up department, but he/she is wearing me out. Aaron and I have another appointment next week where we'll get another ultrasound done. Yippee! And we're starting week 12 tomorrow - our little blueberry has grown into a large plum.

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