Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 10

Well...we're nearing the end of week 10 and the only new symptoms/feelings I've had this past week are more emotional than anything. I'm still super tired, not feeling the desire for anything in particular (except for pickles, lemonade and now I really want some apple pie), but I've recently had sad feelings :( I know, sad huh. This is such an amazing time in our life and this is what Aaron and I have wanted for so long, but I'm now beginning to have feelings that I'm not going to be a good mommy, are we ready for this, etc, etc. From what I've read and heard from others this is totally normal, but how sad huh. It could have to do with all that we have going on in our lives right now...selling our current house, buying a new (more expensive - which is overwhelming) house and having a baby!!!! ahhhhhh...But, overall, I'm feeling great. I'm grateful I'm not super sick, and I've only gained 1.5 lbs, so that little tummy I see can't be that big :) ha. Actually...one other thing I'm noticing is that I'm breaking out much more now. I know, just what you wanted to know. But aren't I supposed to be "glowing" and having other great side effects (like soft hair, strong, fast growing nails)? I am however getting bigger "friends" so that's a nice benefit :) I guess I'll take the good with the bad...!!!!


jjolly said...

Don't worry about those sad feelings, they will soon be replaced with feelings of elation! You are going to be an awesome mommy! And, the fatigue will be passing soon too. The pickle craving may not until later. I could eat a whole jar in a day (but I don't). It's funny how alike we are. We will find out on Monday what we're having- can't wait!

proud new mommy & daddy katz said...

OMG...you have to call me immediately! I am so excited for you - Yeah!!!!!! Yah - me too...a jar or 2 a day, but I don't either, maybe 1 or 2 individual spears. Yummy!