Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 21

Week 21 is going great. I'm still feeling good, but am starting to find sleeping a big uncomfortable. Having to sleep on my sides just isn't as comfortable as it used to be...especially with Herbie still wanting to cuddle in. But how can I resist, he's so damn cute. So I was starting to have really bad chest pains during the night that lasted through mid morning each day. I tried sleeping with a built in bra tank top, and surprise surprise, but it actually helped releive those pains. What else??? OH, the baby is kicking/rolling around more and more everyday. It is such a bizarre, but cool/wonderful feeling. My belly is growing more and more everyday. You may not be able to tell by the image, but I feel like I've doubled in size since last week (which I'm totally ok with). So strange! What else can I tell you...well, we started our registry last week. Hopefully we'll be able to finalize that within the next week or so. I'll let you all know where we registered once it's final. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Well, until next week...

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