Friday, December 19, 2008

week 34

Another week gone on the 40 week countdown. Crazy. So what can I tell you that's new this week. Not too much I guess. Baby has the hiccups as I write this blog entry and is stretching out the entire right side of my stomach. Can you believe that he is about 20" long right now (his full birth length). He'll only grow in weight from here on out, not height. It's absolutely amazing that a 20" long baby can fit inside this stomach right now. It just doesn't seem possible, but I guess that's why I feel him all day long. He must be stretching out constantly. Oh, and I had what I believe to be a braxton hicks contraction the other day. My stomach got soooooo tight. It was like someone was wrapping my belly in saran wrap. Not painful, just uncomfortable and it only lasted a couple minutes. And tonight I sit here...just me, the baby and Herbie in this treacherous snow storm. We're going to watch some type of holiday movie once I'm done typing, so I guess I better hurry up. Herbie is patiently waiting :) man, he's so cute. Oh, and that's why I'm in my PJ's taking pictures of my belly by myself. Something else you may all like (or maybe not) to know is that I have that dark line on my belly that some woman get when pregnant. It's not super dark, but it's there!!! Kinda strange. Our next doctors appointment isn't until the 29th. I'm kind of excited for it as I'm tired of simply getting weighed and my blood pressure taken. I really want them to do something else. Tell me something that I don't already know. Anyways, until next week...

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