Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 35

Holy Moly...this is the end of our 8th month, next week we'll be in the home stretch. Yikes. I'll have to start posting some pics of the baby's room so far for you all to see. It's a work in progress, but it'll get there. We need some things on the wall and some curtains, but it's looking very cute. We've actually decided to put up a chair rail and do the bottom portion white as it's looking a little too blue in baby Katz's nursery. And my dad is making a couple pieces for the baby's room, a small side table and a toy box...I can't wait until it's all done :) yeah. So big news...our friends had their baby girl on Monday. Emma Elizabeth, she's absolutely beautiful and such a little peanut. She'll soon have a friend to play with, and only 6 weeks apart or so. Let's see...what else...oh yeah, yesterday was Christmas. Merry Christmas! It was very very nice. We spent the day with my family and all our nieces and was crazy to think that this will be our very last Christmas without baby Katz. Next year we'll be unwrapping gifts with our almost 1 year old son. WOW. Also, on Christmas morning I woke up with another braxton hicks contraction. It was crazy. Aaron couldn't believe how awkward my belly looked and how hard it was. It was pretty uncomfortable for the minute that it lasted and so weird to look at. We have our next doctors appointment on Monday which I'm actually looking forward to. I'm hoping they'll do something more than just check my weight and blood pressure. I want to hear something new!!!


Auntie Karin said...

I love reading your weekly updates. I'm always puzzled by the way they count out the wks/mos. of the justation period. Wouldn't week 32 be the end of the eighth month? and why do they say you're pregnant for 9 months when the justation period is 39 or 40 wks, Isn't that 10 months? Oh, just another thought to ponder when you have nothing better to do. See you when we get back from Hawaii.

proud new mommy & daddy katz said...

I think because technically some months have more than 28 days in it. some months have 5 weeks in the month? I don't know...but people do say not to let anyone fool you and that you're pregnant for 10 months, not 9.