Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 33

Well, not too much to say this week. Mom, dad and baby are all still doing and feeling well. We had our 33 week check up this week. Everything went the doctor says. I have to tell you...the doctors at my practice are soooooo impersonal and are NOT giving me the attention I want our baby to have. I'm in and out (once they actually see me) in literally 4 minutes. A quick belly check, heart rate check and Q&A session if I have any. I know I should be greatful that everything is great and I'm in and out so quickly, but they're not even telling me what my belly is measuring or what the baby's heart rate is...just that it's looking great. ugh. So anyways...don't anyone get concerned (my doctor isn't in the least), but I only gained 2 lbs since my last visit 5 weeks ago....which are the 2 lbs our baby actually gained. I've gained 14 lbs to date. Let me tell you...I was VERY concerned when I got on the scale, but my doctor says we're doing just fine and that I should consider myself lucky and keep up the good work. I guess so right???? It made me feel a little better that she actually said my belly itself is measuring 1 cm large, so she wouldn't be surprised if we actually had an 8 lb/9lb baby. She said we're ALL baby in there and that's partially the reason I feel EVERY SINGLE little movement the baby makes. He goes crazy in there sometimes. It's actually uncomfortable at times, but still absolutely amazing. So anyways...things are going very well in the Katz household. We're looking forward to the holidays, seeing our friends and family and relaxing on our days off as much as possible. After the new year baby Katz could technically make his appearance at any time :) ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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