Friday, November 14, 2008

Week 29

Baby Katz and Mommy are doing great! I'm having indigestion and heart burn less and less, which is great. It was just figuring out what foods triggered it and staying away from them. It seems to be tomato based foods, coffee and chocolate. I'm also starting to sleep a little better. It's just figuring out what works for you I guess. So right now I'm sleeping with a pillow behind my back and under my belly/in between my legs. I tend to roll slightly on my back at night just leaning up against the pillow, but I gotta tell you...I don't think the baby likes that too much. He moves around like crazy when I'm anywhere near being on my back. Also, my bladder won't quit. I get up 3x a night to go to the bathroom and go all day at work it seems. It's so strange, but it'll come on all of a sudden...however, I think that's just the baby moving around in there and ending up pushing against my bladder. So the baby book says that little baby Katz could be as tall as 17 inches this week and up to 3 lbs. Amazing! Have I told you all what name we're thinking? Well right now the only name we can agree on is Dylan. Dylan what? We're not sure. We like Dylan Murphy, Dylan William, Dylan Michael, maybe even Dylan Aaron? We really have no idea. So Aaron is very very excited...wanna know why? Because we have birthing class this weekend :) Ha! Actually he is kind of looking forward to it, but I don't think he has any clue how graphic it's going to be. I already feel like it's right around the corner, but this is going to bring the reality of just how close we are to welcoming baby Katz into the world :) yeah!

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