Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 30

Lots going on this week! Last weekend was our birthing class, which was VERY informative. Not as graphic as I thought it might be, but probably more than Aaron thought :) haha! The labor nurse teaching the class went from signs of labor to postpartum (after the delivery) and bringing the baby home. She showed us 3 birthing videos and 1 csection video in which I cried like a baby each and every time the nurse brought the baby over to lay on the moms chest. Aaron learned ways in which he can help me through the laboring process, massage me and basically wait on me hand and foot :) We took the class with friends of ours, Liz and Kevin, which completely made the class all that much more fun. Then...for the first time this week the baby had the hiccups. 4x in 2 days! crazy. It ws so cute though. And what do I have today? MY SHOWER!!!!! Yeah. I'm so excited to see everyone there. There are going to be some people I haven't seen in over a year. And then next week we have our tour of the maternity unit in the hospital. It's all seeming very real now. ahhhhhh...Aaron and I are both very excited to start making the baby's room look like a real nursery. Right now it just kind of looks like a storage area with all the stuff laying around.

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