Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 26

Next time you're browsing through the meat department, pick up a 2 lb chuck roast. No, not for dinner, but to see just how big baby Katz is this week :) ha. That's how week 26 starts out in our "what to expect" book. Can you believe baby Katz is roughly 2 lbs this week and roughly 14" head to toe? I'm still not really sure just how this baby is fitting in my belly, but I'm sure he's nice and snug in there. He's still moving around like crazy in there and definitely getting stronger. Those little punches and kicks are harder on mommy and I can actually see my belly move a little. I did end up going out last weekend and buying a few more maternity things, but still need a few more. And not sure if I mentioned it last week, but I am noticing myself getting more tired lately. Aaron and I are always busy and on the go, I actually forget sometimes that I'm pregnant and need to relax and take it easy. But good news...our baby furniture (crib and dresser) are being delivered tomorrow and set up! Yeah. Now I just need the bedding to start pulling the room together. If any of you are following my registry. You'll notice I had to register for a different bedding set, but I like it just as much. Take a
Well...nothing much else is new this week! Until next week...

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