Friday, October 31, 2008

Week 27

Anyone ever have indigestion? Well I hadn't until now. That's why I had no idea what it was until someone at work said (after me explaining to them that I want to vomit everynight when I lay down) that I may have indigestion. Apparently the tomato based foods that I'm eating aren't agreeing with me right now :( SO sad about that, since I mainly make foods that have crushed tomatos in them or pasta sauce or something. But that horrible feeling in my stomache/throat was keeping me up at night. And not only tomato based stuff, but coffee has been doing it to. Not sure what other foods won't agree with me, but I'll let you know. Also...not sure if those pains I mentioned I was having in my chest are actually heartburn? I have also never had heartburn before but people at work are saying maybe that's what that is? Who knows? All I know, is it is super duper uncomfortable and I hate it. I'm also not sleeping very well lately. Over the past week it just continues to get worse and worse. My hips are absolutely killing me. Not being able to sleep on your stomache or back is the pits. I'm trying a bunch of different pillow methods so pray for me that I'll find something that works. I really need to get my sleep at night. It's draining me and stressing me out. OK enough of all the bad about some good news? Well look at the picture...isn't the baby bump getting even cuter? I gotta tell you...this baby can move. He kicks and squirms ALL day and night long. Aaron noticed my belly lopsided last night. It was so cute. I think his bum (not Aaron's) was completely pushed out to one side - maybe it was his head. That's not the first time that's happened, but the first time Aaron has actually seen it. Too cute. Well, we have our follow up doctors appt next week on Wednesday. That's where I have to do the sugar/diabetes test, get weighed again, probably will get the flu shot and hopefully get a lot of questions answered by my doctor. I'll fill you all in next week on what she has to say! Happy Halloween!


Emily said...

you look so good Alli!

proud new mommy & daddy katz said...

Miss you! Good to hear from you.