Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 23 & 24

I can not believe we're in our 6th month and ending week 24. Time is going by way too fast :( So as you can see, my belly is growing, maybe not quite as fast as it should be, but the doctor's don't seem worried. I will most likely be clothes shopping this weekend since the clothes fitting me these days are few and far between. Wearing the same pants all the time just doesn't seem right OR sanitary! ha. So Jamaica was fun. VERY relaxing - just what I needed. I wish I could have posted a picture or two from there but our camera broke on the 2nd day and I haven't received the pictures yet from my sister. I'll post one next week. It's cute - Aaron's in it too. And I swear, I WAS tan, but it's fading very fast. So let's see...what is new with baby Katz...well the book says he's outgrown the fruit stage and now get's measured in inches, so he's just over a foot long and weighs about 1.5 lbs! Aaron and I met with the fetal medicine specialist this morning. My OB wanted to triple check with him that I didn't need to take any precautions throughout the rest of the pregnancy. To be on the safe side and because it won't harm the baby he's putting me back on aspirin (a baby aspirin), once a day up until 36 weeks in case I go early and then immediately following the birth. Throughout pregnancy and right after is when it's common for woman (especially in my case) to develop blood clots, so he wants to reduce that risk with the aspirin. :( booooo. Otherwise, we're doing great and feeling great. Except for the chest pain I get at night. I think it's the weight of my growing breasts (not really that big though) that press together my ribs or something while laying on my side. It's really painful, but goes away as soon as I lay on my back...which is something I'm not supposed to do. My hips hurt too from having to lay on my side all night, but I'm ok with that...little baby Katz is too damn cute to care. Well...that's it for now. Miss you all!

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Mom said...

I can't wait to see our little grandson. We know you and Aaron are going to be great parents!

I love you, Mom