Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 9

Is that a baby bump I see? I think so...or maybe I'm just really bloated :) ha. Some days I have a baby bump and some days I don' I definitely do. I had my first doctor’s appointment today and have gained 1 lb. How exciting! But even more exciting, they're going to do our first ultrasound on Monday to determine the exact due date and then they'll schedule me for more testing on my 12th week. Aaron and I can not wait to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time and see that little blueberry...although now it's the size of a large green olive (about an inch long). I'm still feeling kind of yucky, slightly nauseous, very tired and still no desire to cook or eat anything in particular (except for pickles...LOVE those), although the sodium isn't good for me OR the baby. So who knows, next week I still may be 9 weeks or maybe I'll be 11...we shall see, but I'll have to write on Monday next week vs. waiting until Friday. Next week is a big week for the Katz family :) Yeah!

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pat said...

that's awesome that you will have your first ultrasound in a few days..can't wait for you to "hear" our little sweetie for the first time. we will be up there on mon...can't wait to see you and hear all the details when we see you!!! life is good!!!!!!