Wednesday, February 4, 2009

40 Weeks +1

Ok...I figured I'd write now and let you all know how today's appointment went vs. making you wait until Friday. I can't believe I forgot to ask the doctor how big my belly was measuring, but I did. I had way too much other stuff on my mind. Like why the heck I am still not dilated at all? Anyways, so all the usual stuff was fine (sugar, blood pressure, etc) and I gained 1/2 lb this week (probably the 1/2 lb that the baby gained). My doctor doesn't feel the need to let me go any later than next Wednesday if I haven't gone into labor by then. So...unless I go into labor on my own, Tuesday they'll do another ultrasound at 3 pm to ensure this baby isn't measuring too large. She thinks at that point he'll be about 10 lbs, assuming the ultrasound is accurate (plus or minus a little). Unless he's measuring astronomically large (which is anything larger than 10) she will let me go natural and only opt for a c-section if there are complications during labor or the baby just isn't making his way down. She likes to give everyone the chance to have a natural delivery whenever possible...which is fine by me, but I have to tell you all that I'm scared...scared to deliver that big of a baby naturally. Then Aaron and I will go back to the hospital Tuesday evening to have my cervix "ripened." Sorry everyone. I know that is a lot of information. What that means is that because my cervix is showing very little signs of being ready, they need to help get it ready through medications before actually inducing me on Wednesday morning. If they were to induce me on Wednesday morning without having "ripened" my cervix it would make for a very long and intense labor. Does all that make sense? Probably didn't really to me. I just figure the doctor knows what she's talking about. Am I sad, scared, excited, happy, anxious? Yes, all of the above. I of course want to go on my own, which I still may. Maybe my original guess of 2/8 REALLY will come true!

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