Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Blueberry's Arrival

Well sorry it has taken me oh so long to write Dylan's arrival blog entry. I can't believe how much time you think you're going to have compared to how much time you ACTUALLY have for yourself to do things like email, cook, clean and write blog entries. However, little Murph is resting so peacefully next to me right now and I'm finally feeling like myself again and into a semi-routine here at home.

Well, Dylan finally arrived on Friday, February 6th at 9:38 PM. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long! The delivery went well, but not as I had anticipated or wanted...(does it ever go how you want it to go)? What I mean by that is that I had figured I'd be at the hospital for the majority of my labor. NOPE...I was home with Aaron fighting through the bulk of my contractions on our own. Here's the story...we went into the hospital Friday morning at 2 am after me having started contractions Thursday morning at 2 am. The bad contractions didn't start until about 7 pm on Thursday night, but by 11 pm they were horrible and by 2 am on our way to the hospital I was crying during them. So we get to the hospital, they hook me up to the monitors and tell me that YES I am having contractions but they are not close enough together and I was yet dilated AT ALL. I couldn't believe it. They actually told me that they thought I was having false labor. How could that be I thought...I'm 3 days late, I'm crying during my contractions, can't talk during them and am barrelled over in pain???? So Aaron and I make our way back home. I honestly can't believe I survived the night. I was having contractions every 6 minutes or so, cried during every one of them while gripping onto either Aaron's hand or the bed post. It was torture. But the nurse told me not to call or go in until my contractions were 4 minutes apart and had been for 2 hours. YEAH RIGHT! by noon on Friday I thought I was going to have the baby at my house. The pain was now moving down my back and I couldn't stand, yet the nurse still thought I was having back labor. She actually had me go into the doctor's office vs. the hospital?? really? yes. When I got to the doctor's office the nurse said "maybe you really are in labor?" YOU THINK? I was so upset. The doctor checked me and I was finally dilated, 4 cm to be exact. I got down to the hospital about 3 pm, had the epidural about 5 pm when I was about 6 cm dilated and had my water broken by the doctor right after. Once I had the epidural it was smooth sailing until 9 cm came. I then started feeling the contractions quite a bit and baby's heart beat started dropping. I won't get into too much detail because everything went fine and Dylan is here and healthy but there were a few scares and the pushing portion was just not what I thought. I didn't think I'd have to push so hard and quickly, but I did because they needed to get Dylan out. The umbilical cord was around his neck which was making his heartbeat drop :( so sad. But all is good. He's here and he's perfect! My mom, sisters and Aaron were all in the room. Yes, I know...we're a close family! They witnessed the whole thing. Aaron was absolutely amazing and did so good. He didn't freak out or get grossed out by anything. I was shocked. Not to mention I was getting sick the entire time I was pushing and he still didn't get sick :) haha. Our time in the hospital was much needed and Aaron stayed with me the entire time.

So overall, things are going very well. Definitely a complete adjustment, but each week gets better and better. He is growing so quickly and every day seems to change or do something new. Aaron and I are doing great! Aaron really adores Dylan and loves being a daddy. Herbie is also loving having a little brother. Surprisingly, Herbie is really good with him and always wants to cuddle with Dylan. Probably because he's oh so snuggly and warm. Dylan is now 6 weeks old! I promise not to wait so long before I write again. YES...I hope to write every month and keep you all posted on what new things Dylan is doing and will also post a new picture every month. Those of you not close by I'm sure will appreciate that!

Love to you all, Ali, Aaron, Dylan and Herbie

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