Friday, January 9, 2009

Week 37

Wow, is the countdown on or what? 3 weeks remaining, or so we hope...I think :) However this past week I've definitely starting feeling him move his way down, or he was today at least. I tell ya, I think he was head butting me down there. Funny, but uncomfortable. And his little feet keep getting lodged into my ribs. I know it's good that I can feel him moving in there but it really is very uncomfortable lately...especially when sleeping. I can only lay on my left side and am barely getting any sleep at all. I know that's what I need to get used to, but I was really hoping for some sleep these last few weeks. We had our 37 week appt this week. Nothing new. Blood pressure, weight and baby's heartbeat are still looking great and NOPE, no dilation yet. I must say...these last few weeks are like nothing I've experienced before. I can't seem to think of much else besides the baby. What is he going to weigh? What and who is he going to look like? Is he going to have a lot of hair or none at all? We are both SO excited (obviously), but at the same time I'm having a lot of anxiety about the labor and delivery part of this whole thing. I know it's normal, but hopefully some of that anxiety will turn into pure excitement over the next few weeks. Our next appt is Friday of next week, we'll see if there's any progression, however if given the choice I may opt not to have the internal check done. NOT so comfortable. Sorry...again, that may have been a little too much information :) If you look close enough at my belly there appears to be a shadow on my left side...I honestly think that was the baby pushing on my side. Not to mention if you look close enough you can see the bright blue veins I have running all over my belly. It's crazy! Well...enjoy and we'll write again next week.

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jjolly said...

Hey girl!
You are still looking awesome! I can't believe only a few weeks left. Really could be any day now:) Lets hope not though. There's nothing better than a FULL fullterm baby! I would love to come visit you in February once you get settled and company decreases before I head back to work on March 3rd. Well, try and do a LOT of relaxing (even if you're not sleeping) these last few weeks.
Miss you!