Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 38

Well, just a little over two weeks to go till my due date. However, if my initial prediction is accurate we'll have our little baby Katz on 2/8. Or maybe even later...maybe a Valentines Day baby? The doctor seems to think we're in it for the long haul though. My cervix is still completely closed :( but the baby is still in position. Who knows...I could go into labor tonight or 3 weeks from now. We'll let baby Katz call the shots on this one! The doctor also seems to think this little guy isn't going to be so little. She's predicting that he's mid 7's right now and that by the time I actually have him he'll be about 9 lbs. OUCH!!! Again...we shall see. I did gain 2.5 lbs this week though and I swear he's going to rip through my skin if he takes up anymore room in there. My sugar and blood pressure were great and my belly is measuring actually 1 cm large. She laughed at the shape of my belly today. She can't believe how "all belly" I am and laughed at the fact that when I laid down to have her measure me he must have pushed his back straight out because my belly looked like the cone heads :) haha. Anyways, I'm of course excited to meet baby Katz, but nervous at the same time and more anxious than anything. I sooooo badly want to see what he looks like, but want to throw up when I think about what my body is going to go through to meet him. ahhhhhh! Every woman must go through this at some point right? I know it'll all be ok, but WOW...what a thing to think about. Next appt is Thursday. We'll see what she says then.

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jjolly said...

Wow! Your belly has grown a lot in 1 week. You still look so cute though. I love watching you grow. And, it's great that you have pics of yourself growing. We didn't take any pics of me pregnant until the night before we delivered- I said "We have to take at least 1 picture". And, we so we did:) Glad you're still feeling well. It looks like the baby is about 7.5 lbs. right now (when I compare your belly to mine) and so we'll see how big he wants to get before showing his head (sorry). We are doing well, Sam has been a bit colicky but overall a sweet little guy.
Talk to you soon! Love ya!