Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week 39

As promised here are a couple pictures of the baby's room thus far. We still have more to do, like put things on the walls, paint the toy box, book rack and side table that my dad built for us, but for now it's looking good. Cute huh! Our appt went well this week. Still not really much to report. My cervix is still closed, I'm 50% effaced, I gained 1 lb this week, blood pressure and sugar level is good and my belly is now measuring 2 cm large. Basically she said I should be measuring 39 cm (because I'm 39 weeks) but I'm measuring 41 cm. They don't get concerned unless it's mor or less than 2 cm, so we'll see where we are next week. As far as Aaron and I are concerned, we're both doing good. Keeping busy and trying to get more and more crossed off the "to do" list before baby gets here but of course resting as much as possible. I wish I could sleep more and be more comfortable when sleeping, but I've come to the realization that that's just not going to happen. But it's all worth it. I have to tell you, sometimes I honestly forget I'm pregnant and will look down at my still growing belly and think "holy crap...I could go into labor any second." It's a very very surreal feeling. I'm still feeling so many different feelings...I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm anxious, but mostly I honestly just can't wait to see what/who he looks like. I know his features will change everyday for quite awhile but I really am just so excited to see him. Yeah!!! Oh, and I have to congratulate my girlfriend Liz and her husband Kevin. They had their baby (a girl - it was a surprise) on 1/18 and she is absolutely adorable. She was the last of my 3 girlfriends that were pregnant along with me to have her really is MY turn now! ahhhhhhhh. Let's see if I make it to a week 40 post :)

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